Unify Your Business With SpiritMay Your Business Soar

What is stronger, one person in a business, creating the to-do list or many hearts and minds coming together to create a “to-be” list for your company?

Universal Three in Business is Unify. Create a union with yourself and your own Spirit and a union within the Spirit of the leaders that you work with. As you recognize and activate your spirit strategy in business, you must not only recognize your Spirit, but recognize the oneness that connects all spirits together. Once we recognize that and unify with that co-creative spirit, we are able to produce companies that have higher profits and greater success.

I was recently working with CEOs and executive leaders to unify their vision in a process that I call a strategic advance because a strategic advance sets the intention for your company far before you ever hit the cash register. Hosting a strategic advance creates an experience where we go into the stillness and silence of wisdom together. We meditate together, find our heads and our hearts, that passion for what we are called to do and we ask that highest vision to come forth for the company. Every person in that room draws, colors, sketches, sculpts, their vision for the company and together, where many hands and many hearts come together, we find the common themes for this company and break that into what becomes a powerful business plan.

Universal Truth in Business: unify your leaders, find their heads and hearts, create oneness so you never go alone.


Download an mp3 audio file for more on recognizing spirit in your business here.

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