There are times in business when you simply can’t do it all. As a CEO, there’s times in your life when you’ve given all you can give to a project or to an employee and it’s still just not enough. It’s times like this that require us to activate zen-meditationUniversal Truth in Business Number Two: belief in Spirit or belief in a higher power.

One of my favorite stories of this Universal Truth came one holiday season when one of my CEO clients called and said, “Holly, my employees have worked so hard this year. I really followed the numbers and tracked all year long and truly believed they were going to attain their holiday bonus.” They have not received this bonus for the last two years. But, this now a mere four weeks until the holiday and the date to write the checks, the CEO was reviewing the numbers and a major client had adjusted his contract and would mean the money wouldn’t be there to pay those holiday bonuses. At that time, the CEO and I had a powerful conversation about Spirit, about faith, a recognition of a higher power that moved in through and as every employee in that company a oneness, a recognition that everyone in that company really desired and deserved this bonus for all the work they had provided for that company that year. Together we wrote an affirmation that went:

We believe in a power greater than us

and we invite this power to help us

create this experience for our employees.

Over the next week, that CEO shifted his belief, didn’t just look at the numbers, but looked at the heart behind his company and recognized that a Spirit within him would come through him and provide that bonus. It’s important that we recognize what it is we believe.

When you believe positively about your business and allow spirit to come in, you activate Universal Truth Number Two: believe in spirit and all things are possible. Activate Universal Truth in your business and see what you can create.


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