Recognize Spirit In Your Business

Businesses today are burnt out. People are working more hours for less pay and we’re wondering why fewer and fewer people are excited about going to work and more people are found on the unemployment line. This is precisely why Spirit matters at work.

We are put on this planet to provide our gifts and skills in a very powerful way and spirit matters at work. Just like when you plant a seed in soil, you naturally find a plant, when you recognize your own powerful spirit in your business, it’s just like a seed. Your coworkers become the soil that nourishes the good thoughts and ideas and beliefs that you bring to your company and together, in this fertile environment; you become the plant or the output for your company. Perhaps you’re making widgets, serving food in a restaurant, or designing a product of the future. How does all of this work?

We need to recognize that we are humans and that we are connected more and more to a higher power, something greater in the universe. What’s one action that you can take today to recognize you’re a part of something bigger and better? Look back at your company in the last twelve months, find a project that might have been behind schedule that, as if by magic, spirit came together, universal forces and energy, made that project possible. Or a time when that perfect client appeared, paying you exactly what you knew you were worth. There are countless opportunities to see spirit at work around us. Look and see the sunrise and recognize its power. Look around and see plants growing.

In your office, look around and hear the phone ring and recognize that Spirit is on both ends of the line. Recognize Universal Law Number One, that Spirit matters at work.

Recognize the Spirit in your business and you will co-create clear vision and higher profits.

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