Football connoisseurs around the world know this should be L the number for the “Big Game” this Sunday.  For those not familiar with roman numbers “L” is the roman number for 50. Yet, it was decided by the powers that be that “L” as a roman numeral would be to confusing for fans. BowlL? Huh? What? So to simplify it for football fans we have game 50. But, wait, what? Who gets to stand up for the L? If “L” didn’t work as a number for fans I’ll convert it, simplify it even more, back to the good old simple “L” as in the 12th letter in the alphabet, we Americans are most familiar with. Bring back the “L”. Yes, you read it here first.

It is true; part of me that loves to honor a tradition is feeling bad for the roman number “L”. So in its honor I’m sharing 5 Spiritual “L’s” Laws and 5 “L” words to spark conversation at your-pregame party.

Spiritual Laws that you will encounter at the game or your “Big Game” party:

Law of Pure Potentiality: Each and every day is full of Spirit and pure potentiality. As game day approaches more and more potential will be talked about in every media form. Whether screaming from your couch or sitting in silence staying as far away from the game as possible, anything is possible on game day.

Law of Reciprocity: Its Universal law, the human condition when you do something, say host a football game party guests will feel called to give back. If possible be sure to bring something to the “big game” party. It goes for the opposite too, remember if you double dip your chips someone will reciprocate. What goes around comes around. Remember that football fans. (My boyfriend reminds me my team may not always be in the championship game so whatever smack talk I dish I better be willing to take when his team makes the big game next year.)

Law of Love: Humans, even football fans in their game day spirit are divine beings of Love, while that may be toward a funny shaped brown ball and a group of highly paid men chasing after it. It is Love nonetheless. Love is the ever-present source of all Life. So on game day even if you don’t give two cents about the game find a way to love yourself and share more love with the world.

Law of Least Effort: Yes that is a Law. The game takes place in the US on Sunday traditionally a day devoted to ease, harmony and rejuvenation. Accept that no matter if hosting a big party or just you on the couch make this experience one of least effort and highest joy.

Law of Oneness: In the end remember that while there will be One winner we are all still connected by One Love. So, when the game is over it might be time to remember the Law of Detachment. When the game is over maybe it’s a good thing to move onto baseball season.

If for some reason you find yourself exempt from Universal law. Here are 5 other L’s you may want to consider present in your “L” game day celebrations.

Loyal: Having attended the Super Bowl in 2011 I know first hand that this game brings with it fans that are loyal to the game. While it’s not a requirement that those attending be loyal to the teams playing you wont’ find more loyal fans that those attending the game live.

Lyrics: You know it Beyoncé and Coldplay will bring it with their lyrical and dance performances.

Luck: I love Oprah Winfrey’s take on luck. “I believe luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If you hadn’t been prepared when the opportunity came along, you wouldn’t have been lucky.” It is clear that luck is ever present for the teams playing, the fans watching, the half time performers, volunteers and all the staff to make this giant production possible. Make great preparations for the and I know you’ll have the opportunity for save and healthy game enjoyment.

Lemons:What do Lemons have to do with football? Well come on, cant you see, they are the shape of a football, don’t ya think? In all seriousness lemons are cleansing and healing agent so make lemonade, lemon martinis, spray your room with lemon scents and bring L back to your game. Lemons lighten up any situation.

Lavender: Grab a bottle of lavender essential oil it will calm you after the game. It is a statistical fact that more heart attacks after a big game like this. The scent of Lavender just like the smell of lemons has a spiritual shift in your body it will relax you after a strenuous evening of cheering on your favorite team.

If you are missing the tradition of roman number “L” this game I hope you enjoy my ways of bringing “L” back to the celebration. Go team Go!

Oh one more L, make sure you won’t be Late? Are you ready for game time?

Love and Light to you on game day and every day!