It’s All Systems Go – Farewell For Now Mercury Retrograde

Did you feel it? Sluggish? It’s not just you. It’s been a slow-moving start for many of us this New Year. Yes, there has been something in the energy. Around the world we raised our glasses in celebration of the new 2016 chapter ahead and in the next instant the Universe shifted into Mercury Retrograde. Often debated Mercury Retrograde is alignment in the solar system where planets appear to be traveling backward. As a part of this One Universe then by association, we all may feel this energetic resonance. For my business this showed up as blogs that were harder to write, calls that seemed to disconnect, contracts that could not get signed and a few days of inactivity. In short, I’m not where I thought I’d be on my business and personal accomplishments so far this year.

Woo Hoo! It’s finally January 25, 2016, Mercury retrograde has concluded and it’s time for a planetary power up. Now we are in prograde, the direct alignment of movement. So, in theory things should start to move easier and faster than they once did.

Now what? Take advantage of the fact the entire Universe is supporting your forward momentum. I recommend you move your business and life forward in total Oneness with the Power of the Universe.

Top 7 Things to Do Now that Mercury Retrograde is Complete:

  1. Recognize your alignment in the Universe. I believe by the sheer fact I can feel when the world is moving forward and backward I am a part of this energy and so is my business. Ask yourself, “What have you learned about the project you are working on in this “slower energy” the past few weeks?” Has a project that seemed important suddenly resolved itself, maybe even disappeared? Is something new coming up to be created by you?
  1. Realize it’s time to act. In business often we wait, and wait, and wait prepare and over prepare before taking action in our work. As a part of the Universe we know now that the entire balance of the Universe is in your favor. No time like the present, it is time to decide what you truly desire and go for it. If your team has wanted to take on a new project, pick up the phone and ask for it. If there was a call you wanted to make last week and it’ seemed out of reach and you didn’t know why, make the call this week. You had the first 25 days of January in preparation energy – the world is ready. Act.
  1. Initiate new profitable powerful projects. It’s time to begin. In this work I know it is done unto our businesses, as we believe. Believe, for me means “to be alive.” Choose life this week and this month as you begin your work recognize just as the energy of the Universe, Solar System, planets is in continuous motion you are also. Initiate that project in your heart you know is the next right and perfect step for your business.
  1. Connect to Others. The first week of January I sent a Linked In note to my contacts I had more than 10% response rate and only 1 person request to “dis-connect.” All this action in mercury retrograde, mind you. I wish I had taken this advice and waited till now to send the note, any way. I had more than 40 people wish to connect to me many people I had not spoken to in more than 12 months. Ours is a connected world, pick up the phone, email, skype, tweet, heck respond to this post. Together our consciousness makes this Universe move and I know when we connect we invite others to do so as well.
  1. Thankful for New Beginnings. From January 1- January 22 ever day, yes, every day I heard of the passing of someone in my circle of connections, a friend, family member, colleague, business associate, and famous people in the media. Each time the message came in I had a choice to remember the blessings of each day. Every day people are coming and going, and by that I mean being born and are dying. As mercury retrograde concludes I am thankful for the new beginnings it presents in my life to align with the power of the Universe, realize I only have today to act, I must initiate, and connect before it’s to late. Seasons pass as we know, this is the Divine alignment in business and life – be thankful for the new beginning this day possesses.
  1. Release Control. To maximize this winter energy, the shift to prograde set a vision for your business project or life and then let go of the need to micro-manage every detail of the project. In December I traveled to Bali, Indonesia for 2 weeks I traveled with 8 other people. While we had an intention to work in orphanages our days were full of flow. When the rains came we took our work indoors when the sun was out we went to ride elephants. Back here in the US I find I am so programed to control every moment I don’t flow when the good and bad show up. In prograde the energy moves you natural forward, move with it.
  1. Unify With The Affirmative energy. It’s great to read that you are One with this new prograde energy it’s another to declare that energy as a part of your business and your life. I invite you to use this affirmation statement daily to purge out any remaining desire to be in “retrograde”. Success is all see, success is all I know, success is all I feel in my business and my life.

As a practitioner each day, a person who practices being in alignment with the good that is life for me the end of Mercury retrograde truly does feel like a new beginning. I’ve made the commitment to finishing my next book. (Hopefully before April 28, 2016 when the next mercury retrograde visits). I have already connected to people I haven’t talked to in years and I’m affirming my tag line as my truth, “I co-create clear vision and higher profits”. Knowing it’s true for me, it’s true for you as well.

What is one action will take to align with this clear force of the Universe that is ready to power up your business?





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