Here’s your party invitation: Part 1 Collaboration

I’ll never forget the crisp crack as I opened the new book, the clean smell, the feel and tears of joy when I opened the first box of Ctrl+Alt+Believe: Reboot Your Association For Success. It was the culmination of more than four years of work. As the book celebrates it’s first birthday it is my joy to share with you 6 stories of solution-finding, problem-solving, seeing clearly, teaching, simplicity and even a little bit of fun. So many stories I could share from seeing the book on the shelves at Tattered Cover, book signings with friends, the international web book tour, fun stuff, but I want to share with you the down and dirty – In the next three blogs I will share 6 case studies, in the trenches of problems solved via Ctrl+Alt+Believe: Reboot Your Association For Success.  You will see how partnership with these clients helped “reboot” organizations for success


International Special Events Society/National Association of Catering Executives -Chapter Leadership Conference

American Society of Interior Designers – Presidents Forum & Chapter Leadership Conference

American Farm Bureau Federation – CORE Conference

Texas Society of Nurses Association – Strategic Advance

Society of Petroleum Engineers – Leadership Summit

Daytona Association of REALTORS – ½ day Leadership Session

As you can see, this year the book has touched thousands of readers, been featured on several radio shows including New Voices for Hay House Radio. It was named to the Jeffrey Hayzlett C-Suite Book club and perhaps most exciting for me as the author it won a Indie Excellence Book award and a New York Book Festival award.

While the awards, comments, and letters from readers have been so generous it is never about the awards or media for me. It’s about being in front of the audience, in a boardroom or coaching and executive to create clear vision and higher profits. My intention to allow the book to continue to help organizations over come challenges.

CTRL+ALT+Believe: Reboot Your Organization For Success always starts out as an invitation:  Here is what ISES/NACE Invited us to be a part of:

#1  Client : International Special Events Society & National Association of Catering Executives (ISES/NACE)

Kevin Hacke, ISES Executive Director

Program Goal: For ISES and NACE chapters to work more collaboratively together

Solution: Opening Keynote January 2015 Chapter Leadership Conference

Book Chapter Focus – Chapter 5: Affirm What You Desire

How I lead client/audience to new solution

I built a custom keynote – Connect, Collaborate, Change where the leaders worked together to create a vision for what working together could mean. Audience members could not sit with there chapter at the event to encourage meeting new leaders and brainstorming new solutions.

During the program each organization shared it’s vision/mission statement and core values. To demonstrate the groups are more alike than different.

In the program the participants filled in a custom mini-workbook that walked leaders thru initial planning for the year. We stated together affirmations such as “Today we connect and collaborate. We commit to positive change as individuals, chapters and organizations.

We are dedicated to the highest and best for the events industry.”


As a result of the session chapter leaders looked at leadership differently they didn’t need to compete quite so much they recognized the core values of both organizations were creativity, inspiration, teamwork, education and relationships.

Created workbook for chapter leader and member participation where they explored their own leadership strengths and intentions for collaboration

Chapter leaders were thrilled with the session it was a kick off of for the year that got them blending with new leaders in both organizations.

Join us for blog #2 (to be released 1/20/16) Co-create clear vision where I will share the case studies of clients American Society of Interior Designers & The American Farm Bureau where we took the tool of collaboration and applied it to creating a clear vision with passionate volunteers.

I am so grateful to the CEO’s, Executive Directors, volunteer leaders and friends who welcomed me and the book into their organizations to provide opening and closing keynotes, breakouts, ½ day leadership seminars and strategic advances. In the transformational times we are in organizations need techniques and strategies to “reboot” now more than ever. If these stories resonate with you in any way please consider my speaking, consulting or executive coaching services for your 2016 event.

Cheers to my baby’s first birthday and to many more circles around the planet!