IMG_4467We’ve all had this moment you are standing at an event look across the room and see the buffet line is way, way, way, to long. You do an internal tummy check and ask, “How hungry am I really?” Then, you realize, heck I’m not here for the food I’m here for the people and return to your networking knowing you can get food when the line dies down.

A few conversations later you make your way to the buffet, no food left. I’ve attended 1000’s of buffet association meetings before at this moment the organizers almost always look the other way and say, “Oh well!”

Not at the National Speakers Association – Colorado event on January 8, 2016. I witnessed something I have never witnessed before. When Angela Gaffney walked to the buffet and recognized there was no food she grabbed her magic wand and started making stuff happen. Without delay she asked ever person in line (I’m guessing about 15-20 of us or more.) to pause she would be taking care of this. She returned with a sign up sheet stating to put your name down and she would deliver food to us while we enjoyed the next speaker.

I’ll be honest, as I walked back to my seat in the front row I had let go of any need to eat. I wanted to see how this was going to play out.

About 40 minutes later I looked over and saw Angela delivering a sandwich to a member at the table next to me. Moments later Angela handed me a sandwich. At that point that didn’t matter with the sandwich was a hand written note that read, “Our apologies for the late lunch! Thank you for your patience! Thank you!” (see photo)

My head spun off its axis. Angela, a member, volunteer herself had given up her participation in the speaker training event to make sure the people in line got food. This one goes down in history of my top 10 association moments. In my 10+ years teaching leading, and watching association leaders it’s the little things that build brand loyalty and engagement.

Before opening the sandwich I posted my gratitude to the NSA Colorado private community Facebook page. I wanted those who may have wondered why we were getting food delivered to know of the magic Angela made happen. At the conclusion the program I found Angela thanking me for the Facebook post stating she was in tears as she read it.

Around us are miracles, and miracle workers when we dare to look around. Next time you are a buffet and they run out of food remember there is always enough, always a solution and it begins and ends with love. Even if Angela was not able to make food happen her care and attention to the NSA family was love in action.

If I may be so bold – if you are looking for a speaker, author and coach on health please book Angela – In 100% authenticity I had no idea health and healthy eating was her area of expertise till I sat down to write this blog. Angela lives her message. I know she will live it for you when you bring her to your event. For more information can be found here