To know me is to know that I LOVE taking photos… now let me be clear, I am not a photographer.  I simply have a little theory that if you take a lot of photos eventually you will get a good one.  In 2014 my dear friends Ryan & Chelsea Avery thru down a little year end challenge.  The challenge was to share your top 12 photos of 2014. Well Ryan and Chelsea never disappoint they are back with the 2015 edition.  And, so, am I.

As I pour thru more than 20,000 photos taken in 2015 I reflect on the peace, joy, abundance and joy that is my life.  Thank you to so many friends and clients who make these memories possible.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 3.09.37 PM


Starting from upper left:

Photo #1 – Nothing like a selfie from the rice fields of Bali.



Photo #2 – Nothing like an elephant ride in Bali to connect you to nature and more deeply to yourself

Holly feeds Elephants


Photo #3 – Always give yourself permission to run away for a weekend. Here I am with my beloved Matt at Strawberry Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Holly Matt Strawberry Hot Springs


Photo #4 – Weather Balloon goes beyond the Earth’s orbit.  A great Bruehl family tradition to share with the kids school.

Weather Balloon Launch 2015


Photo #5 – July 4th festivities take on new speed when Matt, the kids & I went tubing on the reservoir.


Photo #6 – Our first family 5k run/walk.  Here’s to many more.

5k with the kids 2015

Photo #7 – There are not words to describe the feeling of seeing your parents in their dream home after 40 years living in a small trailer.  Overjoyed to be present for this moment.



Photo #8 – Secret to a successful relationship… sneak away for dates every every chance you get.  Impromptu stops at local hangouts keeps the adventures alive even in the busiest of weeks.


Photo #9 – The couple that creates together stays together.  Our recent class together – Writing as a Spiritual Practice combined with the skill of Intuitive Painting.  We totally recommend it.



Photo #10 – Dream Big!  Here I am with my column in Science of Mind magazine at the local Barnes & Noble.  Who knew… little old me?



Photo #11 – As one who is known for talking it was a little out of my comfort zone to do my second four day meditation retreat.  Thanks to Roger Teel’s guidance and direction I am not only grateful for the opportunity I can’t wait to do it again.  Who knows maybe some day I’ll even be leading such an experience.



Photo #12 – My favorite photo of 2015 – Me and my dear Matt off the trail enjoying an Oregon sunset.




Photo #13 – OMG!!  I am an award winning published author my book, Ctrl+Alt+Believe: Reboot Your Association For Success came out January 2015 and won two national book awards.  What an honor.

Photo #16 (Ok, yes I had two put photos of the book) I had the honor of signing many times for clients this year.  IMG_1125231_asid_boston



Photo #14 – Wonder Woman for Halloween – Yeah, looking back even I’m not sure how I pulled all this off this year. So much fun to participate in my third Mile Hi Church Trunk or Treat.  I’m guessing that might have helped!



Photo #15 – While it may be small it’s in the center with clear intention.  While I’ve posted many pics from Bali to Oregon and many points inbetween I love being a member or NSA and sharing NSA with Matt.  So my #15 photo is us all decked out at the NSA convention 2015.




It is my hope one of these photos or memories influences you to go out and make 16 more photo memories in 2016.

Join us in conversation what are your top 15 in 2015.  Join using #15by15in15