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Why do we save just one day of one month of the year dedicated to Thanksgiving? I never really understood this. In my business I use the power of my word to co-create the life and business I desire. What I know is true is, if affirmations work in personal development and your companies are made up of people. Then affirmations surely must work in business.

As you head to work each day, is it hard to find something to feel good about?

It is my sincere intention to share with CEO’s and Executive leaders the power of the feeling “spirit” in business vision and strategy. Attached to this blog, is my Thanksgiving card you now have an affirmation card. As the holidays and New Year is upon us, please use this affirmation to keep clear vision of your highest and best for your company this holiday season.

Business Affirmation Instructions:

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Thoughts are things. What you think about your business you create as it. Negative thoughts; create negative business, positive thoughts create positive business. What do you choose? Want less stress and more success? I invite you to use this affirmation statement for business to release stress and create a powerful vision of your company now.

To use the affirmation:

  • Place this card on your desk or by your computer. A place you will see it often.
  • Say the statement about your company out loud to your self each day.
  • Feel the joy in your body what it will feel like to know this statement is true now. (Not in the future, now)
  • Repeat saying this statement often at least thru the holiday season.

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Have a question call me? I’m delighted to support you. Let us know how this positive business affirmation shapes your work, the energy of your team and the vision of your company. For more on how to co-create clear vision and higher profits contact us today for consulting, speaking and facilitation.


Happy Holly-days!