What would YOU Do? Would you take the Bali challenge?

Beauty Awaits in Bali

Sometimes the answers to my prayers, and my life does not look the way I think it will. That’s a good thing. Why? Because they always look better!

Often, answers to prayers – new opportunities – leave me with my head spinning and feet dangling off the cliff. In other words, some opportunities are outside of my comfort zone.

I’m in one of those situations right now, and I’d love to hear what YOU would do.

As you may know, I have stepped up to the next level in my business – I now focus on guiding leaders to co-create a clear vision and higher profit. As a consultant and executive coach focusing on “higher vision,” I know that inviting visioning, co-creation, intuition, authenticity, and mindset into business will create a more powerful and profitable company. This is true for my clients’ businesses as well as my own.

While my calendar is packed in November and filling out in the new year, I’ve been visioning and setting an intention to fill a gap in my calendar. I want to schedule keynotes and consulting projects in the first week of December.

The other day, a consulting company called, asking me to consider a 10-day consulting contract to create and deliver a social selling strategy for their upcoming transformational tourism event.

My background is in building events, and my current work focuses on connecting technology, spirituality, and leadership in business. I love creating a customized social strategy for organizations. Plus, this event takes place in early December. The project is a perfect fit.

There’s a hitch.

This consulting opportunity is located in Bali, and the compensation is on the low end. While there would be a wealth of experiences, “wealth” is a limited part of this consulting package.

On one hand, visiting Bali could be an extraordinary experience, the trip of a lifetime. If I say YES, I must quickly set my travel plans, wrap up existing projects, and pack for a trip around the world.

On the other hand, this opportunity might simply be a distraction. It could take me off course with my long-term business plans. It could impact my current work with existing clients. And it would interrupt my personal life immediately before the busy holiday season.

What would YOU do?

Would you accept this project, go to Bali, and take part in a unique business and cultural experience? Or would you stay focused on the larger goal – and keep your eye on the prize?

I welcome your wisdom and intuition as I open myself to this opportunity – and other opportunities as I continue to grow my business and serve my clients in support of attaining our “higher vision.”

Contact me at Holly@HollyDuckworth.com to let me know what YOU would do!