Holly-ism Defined: Co-Create

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Starbucks created a language around coffee. You don’t order a medium you order a Grande. Businesses often invent or flex language that supports what they do. As I worked with branding experts, designers and colleagues to launch www.HollyDuckworth.com it became clear that I use a lot of “Holly-isms.” Holly-isms are words that often blend a commonly used word with a spiritual one. Or, a Holly-ism might blend a business word with a spiritual one. Holly-isms are words that demonstrate how I experience the world.

As I continue to expand my role as Consultant, SpiritStrategist, and keynote speaker working with CEO’s and Executive leaders I’ll be populating a page on my website called FAQ’s. A part of that you will find a Holly-ism dictionary. Now that you know what a Holly-ism is, let’s define the first one.


To co-create is the process of connecting to your Spirit, heart, or intuition to create a product, service or relationship. As a CEO or Executive leaders become comfortable with co-creating from their heart they invite others to do the same. Co-create is to connect with the Universal Power to create new things for your company.

Co-create to connect with the heart of a co-worker or teammate to create something higher and better.

Co-create is a powerful word in my brand promise. Co-create Clear Vision and Higher Profits™. When you choose to work with my company we offer you tools to Co-create with your Spirit, with us, and with your team.

Co-create is more than teamwork. It is creating with Source, Spirit or Universal energy.

Holly-ism: Co-create – Any Questions?

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