Tolerance, Acceptance, or Allowing: Considerations for those debating the actions of Kim Davis

Our world moves fast. The human condition to judgment will happen in an instant, and its fall out can lasts for lifetimes. Often judgment comes from fear, and retribution. It is the belief in lack or limitation. In that energy we miss information and snap to powerful decisions. As a Spirit Strategist I work with CEO’s and Executive leaders to co-create clear vision and higher profits for their organizations. I invite companies to have the conversation around “spirit” at work. Spirit: meaning energy, essence, and love, breath, and the one thing all humans share, not religion. Knowing this is my life’s work I can no longer remain silent on this spirit/religion at work conversation relating to Kim Davis and her work as the Rowan county clerk in Kentucky.

As I have embarked on the spirit at work conversation I recognize the complete and total lack of information on what spirituality is, what religion is, and the lack of information that both can live simultaneously. As our planet evolves we must become educated that these two powerful concepts (religions and spirituality) can and do live side by side. Just as traditional marriage and gay marriage can live side by side. While there is now one legal definition of marriage, there are many forms of spirituality and religion. Both are valid and they are not mutually exclusive.

In the global conversation on regarding Kim Davis’s refusal to issue marriage licenses the debate has become entrenched several issues thus muddying the waters of the debate. Mud is slinging from both sides and no real resolution seems forthcoming. We need to step back to see the One-ness that connects all humans together. One person’s religion cannot dictate the actions of another. One comment I’ve seen on this is “Where is the division of church and state?” Others have commented on her background of past in-discretions including multiple marriages. Then down the rabbit hole of judgment we go. In an instant vortex of bad information, fear, and retribution spiral out of control. In the paradox of life, none of this matters, and all of it matters. We must let it all go and stand in the Truth found in the power of now, and the power of Universal Love.

As a spiritual being having a human experience I practice sharing my One-ness with the world. I bring light to the dark places in corporations and organizations. I work with people of all religious beliefs, lifestyles, orientations, and spiritual traditions to see the love that connects us all together.Conflict cannot survive without your participation. Wayne Dyer

If I were called in to work with the co-creators in this situation I would invite them to seek alternate solutions that honor all the religious and spiritual traditions present in this state and growing and expanding around the world. I do not see either side of this debate as wrong or right. I see them both seeking to do, be, and have more love in their life.

Is the end game here to tolerate that gays will marry, to accept the actions of the Supreme Court or allow? To attempt to discern and not judge we must stop and get clear on the definition and nuisances of these words tolerance, acceptance, and allowing.

• Tolerance the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

• Acceptance the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered.

• Allowing to permit to happen.

What is the end game in this scenario? By end game, I mean what is the highest and best outcome we can see, feel, and experience for all (Kim Davis, her employees and the community) involved. I would invite all humans to consider it is a combination of both. The choice to tolerate, if that is your position comes from Love first of yourself, and second for your fellow man. A choice to accept should also come from Love of self, and love for fellow man. The choice to allow also is a choice for Love. Love in all its forms, shapes, beliefs and colors. My love does not take away from your love. My religion does not take away from your religion and my spirituality does not take away from your spirituality.

What I know is true, beyond a shadow of a doubt our world is continuously evolving in consciousness. And, it will continue to do so. Any person, place or thing that is so firm, solid with attachment to a thought, belief or action will get caught up in the friction of change. Kim Davis and all who judge her stick themselves in the cement of their own beliefs and will feel the friction of change. What we resist persists, in the case of Kim Davis, It is my hearts deepest desire that she honor her religious beliefs and I know she can do that without jeopardizing the desires and beliefs of those in her state.

Universal law is bigger than any human law written on parchment, etched in stone or typed on a computer. Universal law of Love is now and will always be expanding our hearts and minds for the highest and best good for all. As you choose your thoughts on this issue you plant seeds in consciousness for your self, and your business. Your thoughts become your beliefs and decide your actions. Please be mindful, open and willing to see both sides of the issue, be educated. Release any fear that you hold and consider the possibility that Love will always move us to the highest and best in the courts, in business and in life.

Blessing to Kim Davis, her staff, the people of Kentucky who choose to marry and all men, women and children of the United States. I choose to pray up this issue, all sides of it. I affirm that only Love comes from this. I would invite you to put aside your judgment of tolerance, acceptance or allowing and do the same. I know by giving this issue up to a force greater than me the truth of this situation will resolve itself with love, light, peace, joy and grace.

Love and light,


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