It is truly better to have loved, and lost than to never have loved at all. Joachim De Posada

In moments like this it’s hard to remember this when the pain of loss is so deep.

Joachim De Posada was a teacher, speaker, author, father, grandfather and so much more to the world. The marshmallow was his symbol recounts Bruce Turkel, but his brand was love of all things, applied knowledge and kindness. At his celebration of life, many shared words, song, video and readings remembering this man for a life lived fully.

Last to share at the funeral was his daughter. She was the reflection of her dad, knowledge, kindness and poise. Caroline generously recounted 4 lessons she learned from her dad, not because he said them, because he lived them.

She reminds us via her dad to:

  • do what you say you are going to do
  • be prepared and have a back up plan
  • control what you can control – what is in your control
  • be selfish and self less – take care of yourself first so you can be there for others

Caroline closed the service with her dad’s last request. He said, Caroline take this down. She grabbed and pen and scribed what he said, “The most profound words in my life for 67 years have been.  I love you.  Choose I love you even when circumstance are rough makes all the difference.”

I am grateful for the love that came to me at ever NSA convention Joachim attended, and at every chance meeting. I am appreciative of those who made the live stream happen, and so many who chose to connect to his love in that sanctuary and via that live stream today.

Everywhere Joachim went he left love behind. We will always have this love in his writings, videos, his children and grandchildren. I am grateful for the heart-print he leaves behind. So Joachim as your request – we choose love today even when it’s hard to say goodbye.