Tricks To Build A Compelling Company Vision:

Do you have a dream or a plan? Companies start because someone had a dream, a vision. They want to eradicate a problem or create something new. As our world naturally evolves so do those companies visions and dreams give way to policies and procedures. Happy, once passion inspired employees succumb to the stress of the policies and procedures and the dream gets left behind.

Assembly line workers of the past that punch in, and punch out are no longer. Employees and customers demand that the product or service you provide solve their problem and make the world a better place.

This starts with a compelling vision. As Simon Sinek says, “They don’t buy what you do, they by why you do it.”

Tips to a compelling vision:

If you build it with them they are already there

It used to be you write a vision statement in the privacy of the glass tower office. Now to be effective write a new vision statement with the people who are in place to act upon it.

Get away a while

Working on your business is very different than working in it. Take a strategic advance (not retreat) and get away a while. Sit with your intuition and inner knowing of where the company should go next.

Don’t be afraid to throw a lot of ideas on the table

The process to build a compelling and actionable vision statement does not happen over night. Ask key influencers their input, get a lot of ideas on the table, and then look for common themes. Begin to prioritize them keeping in mind the initial company vision and what will inspire today.

Keep it short

We used to read page long vision statements and policies and procedures now we can barely read 140 character tweets. When revising your vision statement, shorter is better. Make the statement something you can memorize and recall when someone asks – Who do you work for? or Why do you do what you do?

Martin Luther king said, “I have a dream.” Not, I have a plan. You should have a dream for your spirited company. Use these for tricks to inspire a compelling vision that will take your organization to its highest and best, attracting new employees and create more sales.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and thought leader, on chamber and association leadership. She is a teacher in the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s IOM program, on faculty for ASAE University, and serves as Past President of the National Speakers Association Oregon, and Past Chair for the American Society of Association Executives Component Relations Section Council. She is a sought after international columnist and speaker. Look for her book CTRL+ALT+Believe: Reboot your Association for Success available 2015. Follow her on twitter @hduckworth or visit her web page for more on building positive change thru leadership in your organization.[/author_info] [/author]