Overcoming Separateness – Do You Have the Courage to Be One

Businesses and individuals all around the world come to me and ask one common question. How do I get my team to work better together? The answers start in shifting our belief in being separate. Companies tell me all the time they are one company with many departments. Now is the time to become a company of One. There is, after all, only one thing going on here – LOVE.

To over come separateness is to begin to talk about your organization as one company. To remember that everyone has one heart and the organization has one heart – it’s vision and mission.

One ness means love centered, heart centered. It means already knowing we are one and we no longer need seek outside our selves.

It is recognizing that we all live on One planet. We all have One heart. It is recognizing that we have one thing in common – becoming the best we already are.

One ness is Unification with the plants, trees, people, all the land, sea, water and air. Yes, unification with the department down the hall and the office across the country.

One ness is realizing that we have more in common than divides us mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially. This goes for the relationships between people and every place and thing on the planet. It’s true for companies also.

One ness is releasing the “faux” walls that divide us. As an example claiming One ness is releasing geography, different beliefs, or actions. It is releasing judgment and separateness.

One-ness means releasing the lenses we see thru, the lenses of black and white, rich or poor, Christian or Muslim, It is releasing race consciousness for something on a higher plane of existence.

One ness is allowing vulnerability, change and compassion with great gratitude.

Oneness is the embodiment of our prayers, affirmations, thoughts beliefs or actions. (Use the word that fits for you.) It is truly deeply, feeling and knowing they are already the Truth of us before they are even spoken.

One ness is source consciousness and allowing that source consciousness to create our life both personally and in our companies.

Letting go of being separate is simple but not easy. It’s time to combine the questions of your head and the questions of your heart into a sacred place of Trust your team has the answers – they are One.


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