Leaders are Hip: Are you Hip?

Leaders ask great questions, hard ones and easy ones, there is no order of difficulty in the questions a true leader will ask.

I am so grateful for a client who asked me this, “How do I become more hip?”

In an instant, I asked this person to take the question to their meditation practice and give their heart time and space to open up to, why this question means so much them? I know within them is the answer. I can only answer this for me.

Then, like all good teachers we must do the same thing.   So did. Here is what I know about becoming more hip.   Or cool, or smart, or beautiful or amazing, you pick the word you want to be more of. The answers are within you.

Here is what I found. First, we are looking in the wrong place. Looking outside to be “hip” could be the very problem.

Second, you asking the wrong question. Why do you wan to be hip and why are you not judging/discerning yourself as that which you desire to be?

So here was my advice for Mr. “I want to be more hip”:

Find a way to create your happiness from inside. Learn to be in a place where that “self happy” makes you powerful.

Hip is:


Inside &


 Choose to be happy inside and be your most powerful. I love “How” questions, because embedded in most of them is a request for a specific answer. Most people asking how questions are looking for one way to do this, or to think ask about that. This is why e-how.com gets 5.8 million visitors a month. Humans are constantly seeking the one right answer. In most cases there are just as many answers as there are questions. Leaders go inside and trust their instincts to make things happen.

As our world is in a continuous and rapidly evolving time it’s easy to look for validation outside our self and millions of places to find it from friends, movies, TV, and more. At the end of the day being hip, cool, or smart, or beautiful or amazing, will be a never-ending quest if you look for it outside yourself. In the end it all begins and ends with you.  Be hip for you and you will become more hip in the world.

One of the greatest compliments a client can share with me is a really vulnerable question. A question that connects head and heart, the one you really, really want the answer to and do not know how to ask. What’s your question about spirit and business? I would love to work with you to find your answer.


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