Creating A Life of Adventure: Fly at Your Highest VibrationFrosty Wooldridge

What would it look like, feel like and sound like to sit with penguins on Antarctica, to feel the wingspan of a 12 ft. wide Condor flying over you, to bike from Canada to Mexico taking over 1,500 photos along the way?   Few people live to tell the tales of adventure. These are a few simple stories that Forrest “Frosty” Wooldridge, environmentalist and life adventurer can share he has been there.

Do you wake up each day and declare, “I live a spectacular life!” Frosty does. If not, when will you?

Many talk about a desire to live a life of adventure. Most of them talk about how they will live a life of adventure after they retire. My friend Frosty Wooldridge asked the question. “Why wait?” and together with his wife Sandi they choose each day to create a life of adventure. Now he educates, connects and inspires others to live their adventure from parenthood to back packing, being CEO to the choice to make your daily work an adventure. Adventure is where you choose to create it.


In his book, How to Live A Life of Adventure he shares his concepts and practices that help him create is his life of adventure.

Frosty puts the creative process, or Universal Law to work. He begins with an idea, move it into form and create the manifestation of what he desires.

Do you look at the world as your playground? You can go as far as your imagination will take you. It is time to open your mind to new things as a flower opens in the sun. All of his adventures began with an idea. So did the adventures of Charles Lindbergh, Leonardo Divinci, and so many others. Get busy creating your big, bold idea.

Create with the Universal creative process. Nurture the soil of your great idea. Choose how you view the world? Do you view it with a worm’s eye view or an eagle’s eye view? The world does not create on wants, hopes and wishes it creates on your intentions. What do you intend to do with your life?

Get busy ask yourself, what inspires your highest life vibration? Adventure is everywhere from parenthood to the back jungles of Africa. There is no one-way to live your life. It is yours to choose how you will live. Choose enthusiasm, the root word of that is “En Theo” or in Latin means “With God” For Frosty a life well lived is an adventure continually working with God.

Yes, living a life of adventure takes great roots, which Frost gained from his father’s advice, “You can do that.” If your father didn’t tell you that Frost is happy to share his dad with you. “You can do that!”

Living a life of adventure also takes money. Be willing to live a different lifestyle even 100-hour weeks to save so you can take weeks and months off.

Living a life of adventure is not about living in the fast lane. It’s living at the perfect speed for you. Life at the perfect speed is being there.

“Time is a companion that goes with us on a journey. It reminds us to cherish each moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived.” Captain Jean Luc Picard, Starship Enterprise

I want to hear you say it with me. I live a Spectacular Life!

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