sunrise-in-savanna_f1ibGZDuSuccess Beyond Success: How do you measure?

One of my dearest girlfriends has a mantra that she energetically shares with all who will listen. The mantra, “I love my life. I love my life.” She chants it from her home, her office and on afternoons in the garden. Can you truly say you love your life? If you can’t say that now, when will you start loving your life?

In 1994 I was named most likely to succeed by my high school class. For twenty years I carried the pressure of that award with me. I would prove I was successful I’d own my own company, write a book, and travel the world. Family… what family? I had a pile of divorce papers, two nephews and a niece. That’s success right? I had enough money to support my lifestyle and enough frequent flier miles to travel to the moon. Could I say, I love my life? Not so much. Like it, yes, love it no. I did what society told me would create success.

From time to time, I meet with amazing global speakers, many with more than 30 years experience.   Each conversation is a check closer to achieving one of my 2015 goals to meet one CSP (certified speaking professional) each month. The intention here to learn about the speaking business journey, gather advice for my own company. Near the end of the conversation he shared how he would do it different now, he would not miss quite so many soccer games, birthdays, and anniversaries. He shared had made millions and spent millions, it seemed none of that mattered. As a tear welled up in his eyes he breathed in and recognized he has it pretty good in his mountain home with his wife and now grown kids. He has success by his own definition after seeking it so long from outside sources.

Google, CFO Patrick Pichette submitted his resignation letter stating, “After nearly seven years as CFO, I will be retiring from Google to spend more time with my family.” You can read the full letter here. In the letter he also comments on missing life events and having enough money. His wife asked, “So when is it going to be time? Our time? My time?” He did not have an answer. Upon careful reflection he chose to move his life in a new direction. So many of us believe that lifestyle success is only for the wealthy. When will we recognize that belief has created the lives we live?

The consciousness of our planet is changing around work/life balance, or as I call it work/life integration. The idea of success is no longer good enough for most. It’s time to declare success beyond success. In the book Conscious Business, Fred Kofman challenges managers of business to “create a culture in which everybody supports and call for everybody else’s consciousness.” He calls for personal and impersonal success in business that an organization must fulfill its reason for being and in doing that fulfill the reason for being of its employees. The two are not mutually exclusive. Success depends on the consciousness of all beings. It will require the shift that both my speaker colleague and Patrick Pichette made.

While I’m nowhere near retirement, and now where near selling my company I have a renewed consciousness around success in my life. I now chant with my friend, “I love my life!” And I do this because I have a success beyond success mindset.

How I measure success beyond success now. I ask myself each day:

  • Did I do something to engage my brain today? Did I get a little smarter today
  • Did I do something physical today?
  • Did I honor my Spirit today
  • Did I engage in positive relationships today at work and at home?
  • Did I honor the financial circulation thru me today?

When I am mindful about getting a little better each day in every area of my life I know success beyond success. I connect to business, my family and myself each day. As I expand Leadership Solutions International’s direction, and my personal brand to include where Spirit+Strategy= Success I recognize that success should be measured by each persons own definition, not societies need for big houses, fancy cars and titles. Success beyond success is being conscious not about the businesses we go to 8am – 5pm, and the business of our lives. These two must integrate. There is no spot where good is not. Good at work means good at home.

Can you say, “I love my life”? If you can’t what will you do today to add a little more love in your life?


[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP is your spirit strategist, as a CEO and business consultant speaker, author, and practitioner student at Mile High Church, a community of centers for spiritual living. She works with business executives to have clear vision, authentic action, and heart centered transformational leadership. Follow her @hduckworth or at [/author_info] [/author]