Scott had the aisle seat on flight 231, lucky me. I had the middle seat next to him. An hour in to the flight Scott looked at me, tears welling up in his eyes. He revealed he was returning home from his mother’s funeral.

For the last 50 minutes of the flight I listened. Scott was a manager for an Internet services company. He related each small detail at the funeral; his moms LDS friends, his brothers singing in the Irish bar. Scott was reminiscing about how nice it was to see a bouquet from the CEO of his company. Scott showed me the card his co-workers sent to the funeral home. The card from the co-workers meant so much more than the bouquet from the CEO, it simply said – We are here for you.

Scott kept talking about how he had been there for his co-workers thru births and divorces, the stuff of life. Now they were there for him. Scott told me how much he loved his team. How Julie had a daughter and Tim had a son. They had developed a connection at work that had grown deeper a more honest human-to-human connection.

Scott shared with me his passion for fly-fishing, languages, his brothers and his wife. When I mentioned my studying to be a minister he said, “I’m agnostic. I’ve always been a seeker.” With an open heart I simply responded, “Great”. He responded, “Holly I just know that I was supposed to sit next to you on this flight.” I smiled in gratitude.

Scott demonstrates in life a world that works for everyone. He celebrates life each day with his wife and co-workers. In the passing of his mother I know each tear was a releasing of love.

A world that works for everyone is a world where everyone respects everyone and allows everyone to be right where he or she even at funerals, baby showers. When the company wins and when the company faces challenges occur we are here together.

How does your company allow you to be right where you are? How are you a better CEO, manager, employee as a result of that freedom?

Blessings to everyone, in every company celebrating life well lived. Thank you Scott for being my seatmate. Let us all create a business that works for everyone as Scott’s does. Let us create a world that works for all in the smallest gestures we make each day.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and thought leader, on chamber and association leadership. She is a teacher in the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s IOM program, on faculty for ASAE University, and serves as Past President of the National Speakers Association Oregon, and Past Chair for the American Society of Association Executives Component Relations Section Council. She is a sought after international columnist and speaker. Look for her book CTRL+ALT+Believe: Reboot your Association for Success available 2015. Follow her on twitter @hduckworth or visit her web page for more on building positive change thru leadership in your organization. [/author_info] [/author]