It is often said, “It is done unto you as you believe.” As CEO of Leadership Solutions International (LSI) I can tell you whole-heartedly that is 100% true. They call it “being” a leader not “doing.” From the moment I chose to open the doors at LSI I had to begin being that CEO which meant not always doing everything.

What’s the difference between being and doing, you ask? Doing is the level many mangers operate at, actions. Managers do, they react to the day to day to get the bare minimum done.

Today’s fast pace, ever changing global environment requires more than doing, it requires being. The world needs more leaders. Life calls us all to be leaders in our own home, company, and community. Therefore being a leader is honoring your being, essence and your purpose. Being is about your consciousness or awareness to life. Being is about how you think about yourself and how you choose to relate to your world. As CEO of LSI my consciousness expands, and my being expands daily.

This expansion takes belief. Belief in a vision greater than myself, which happens to be – Leadership Solutions International Educates, Connects & Inspires Future Global Leaders. Believe for me bares a striking resemblance the words be-a-live. To choose to be a leader in your own life is to choose to be a live.

5 Actions to Motivate the Leader in You:

  • Leaders recognize with themselves and the “higher power” or intuition within them. I do this on good days and hard days.
  • Leaders unify their life to their purpose. Let me be clear. Purpose may mean you are here to make people smile as a Starbucks Barista, it may mean you run a day care out of your home. It’s your purpose believe in it and live it full out.
  • Leaders realize they cannot do everything ask. Yes, they ask for help and support. I do this at every chance I get.
  • Leaders are grateful beyond measure. They are grateful for all that they have and all that they are. I write one hand written thank you note each day. It reminds me how blessed I truly am.
  • Leaders realize ease in action. I choose each day to make my day happy and easy. If something seems to be hard. I let it go. Great leaders know when to walk away.

Leadership goes beyond titles and doing, it is about expanding your choices to be alive in this life. I love this quote on life by one of my greatest teachers.


“We are born to be happy, to be abundantly supplied with every good thing, to have fun in living, to consciously unite with the Divine Power that is around us and within us, and to grow and expand forever.”  Ernest Holmes

Leadership is about leading yourself first and then from your own motivation taking action. I believe in you! This month pick one of these five actions and put them to work to make your happy and abundant life expand. Leadership is being not doing. What action will you take to your next becoming? Let me know via email


[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and thought leader, on chamber and association leadership. She is a teacher in the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s IOM program, on faculty for ASAE University, and serves as Past President of the National Speakers Association Oregon, and Past Chair for the American Society of Association Executives Component Relations Section Council. She is a sought after international columnist and speaker. Look for her book CTRL+ALT+Believe: Reboot your Association for Success available 2015. Follow her on twitter @hduckworth or visit her web page for more on building positive change thru leadership in your organization. [/author_info] [/author]