Dropped The Ball On Your New Year Resolution: 3 Tips to Rebuild Accountability


As Ryan Seacrest dropped the ball in Times Square did your board, staff and volunteers drop the ball on the goals you set as an organization this year? No matter if your business plan is on a calendar year or fiscal year you must pick up the ball again. A resolution is simply a choice. Chose to get back on track.


3 Choices To Confirm Your Leaders Are on Track:

  • Re-confirm with leadership what your organization really wants. State your vision out loud at the next meeting. – Do you still believe it is possible to achieve the goal you have set toward your vision?
  • Confirm each task that needs to be completed is delegated. Check with person receiving a task knows he/she is supposed to do it. Confirm they have the resources to complete the task
  • Model they way by doing the things you said you would do.


“A community with out accountability does not stand a chance.”

Charles Cox


Having a clear written business plan for your organization is fundamental to achieving your New Year Resolution. Breaking the plan down into manageable tasks makes it happen. At Leadership Solutions International we know you increase the odds of success with your plan when you have your people memorize the vision, and you say it at every meeting, put peoples names on each task and do what you say you will do. This reconfirms the why of why you are doing each task.

Hold yourself and your team accountable! Be love and share your light in your business and your life,