You Are The Light Of The Rainbow

“Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.”

Starting the blog has been many years in the making.. years of fear, of doubt and of lack. “Huh?” you ask. “But, Holly you seem like you have it so together,” so many will say. Thank you, life is full of rain, and rainbows. It’s full of life reboots and opportunity when you choose to see it that way.

I’m seeing a new rainbow now and I’m choosing to go in that direction. To take my love of business and my love of spirit and write for you how I know they come together in this one life. I’ve been writing for a few years under my corporate name Leadership Solutions International, which I love. On that page I share my expertise and ideas on association leadership. I will continue to do that and expand those offerings beyond associations to also include corporate.

I’ve found I needed a place I could also share my “spiritual” nature. Few recognize that I’ve been studying spirituality, prayer, meditation and consciousness for years. What started out has a hobby and place to meet new friends quickly became home.   I know now there is truly only one life and my personal and professional nature come from my connection with my Spirit.

I’ve taken more than 3 year of pre-requisites to participate in practitioner training program. All of this part of living my life at a higher altitude here in Colorado.  Now with more than 20 weeks of that 60 week program completed.

I find it odd that some people see rainbows and others do not. Just as we each choose to believe or not believe in miracles or rainbows there are those who choose or not choose to embrace, believe in their highest and best. Some call it God; others call it Allah, Buddha, Spirit. Whatever you choose I want you to know. I believe in you, your dreams that together we walk toward the tops of the rainbow.

I hope this blog is a place where you can find freedom and faith, a place to build your spirit and connect it to a strategy that will deliver you personal and professional success.

For this is my rainbow and my dream! Will you make your dream come true? Let’s walk together with love, freedom and faith.


[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP is CEO of Leadership Solutions International as consultant, speaker and facilitator on leadership and spirituality. Author of Ctrl+Alt+Believe: Reboot Your Association For Success, Holly is a columnist for MeetingsNet/IdeaExchange on the meetings industry and writes a regular on the future of spirituality in business for Science of Mind magazine. She lives in Denver Colorado Learn more at, on LinkedIn & follow her on twitter @hduckworth.[/author_info] [/author]