3 Choices to Living the Leadership You Seek

If you could wave your magic wand and make one change in the world, what would it be? The choice you make will put you in alignment with your passion, your purpose and your perfect path. I believe everyone is a leader. We simply choose why, how, and, what we want to lead. For some it’s leading in the home, others in business, and others on stages and platforms from politics to classrooms. Leadership is not being a choice; leadership is a way of life.

It is said by Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Learning to live and lead means learning to be you, and being the change you wish to see in the world.

Here are three choices you make to live the leadership you seek:

Choose: Why you are here Whether you know it or not you are living either on purpose or not on your purpose. The answer to this question determines the degree of happiness, ease, grace, and flow you experience as your life. A powerful first step to leading as you is choosing your purpose. Many talk in terms of “life purpose” in todays 24/7/365 fast pace world maybe we should think in terms of purpose “right now”. Why are you here now? Live and lead from that place.

Choose: How you want to show up in the world Many of us get up each day pull some clothes out of the closet and get to work. We are totally unconscious about the outward appearance that we show up as. We are even more unconscious about our energy. When people meet you they instantly know you from how you look and how you feel. Is your energy upbeat and welcoming or down and distraught, somewhere in between? There is no right or wrong here. Leading as you means choosing how you want to show up the world consciously. Go back to that closet and choose your look and energy that matches your purpose.

Choose: What you will become: Many adults live in a doing world. We have in many places become humans-doing not human beings. Re-visit your “now moment” purpose. Choosing that purpose will help you determine what must you become to make that purpose a reality. As an example if your purpose is to be a Starbucks barista you “do” coffee you “become” a virtuoso at making espresso. And, you are a leader in my life every morning I wake up. Your purpose is to sit behind a computer and sell widgets. You “do” selling, you become a brilliant expert in your product and asking for the sale. Leading as you depends on your choices.

Go wave your magic wand, live your life each day. I assure you someone you come into contact with will experience you as a leader. Today consciously choose to be the leader you seek to have in the world. Choose your why, live your how, and be your what. May you only experience love and light as you lead your life.

Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP is CEO of Leadership Solutions International as nationally recognized consultant, speaker and facilitator on leadership and spirituality. Author of Ctrl+Alt+Believe: Reboot Your Association For Success, Holly is a columnist for MeetingsNet/IdeaExchange on the meetings industry and writes a regular on the future of spirituality in business for Science of Mind magazine. She lives in Denver Colorado Learn more at www.hollyduckworth.com, on LinkedIn & follow her on twitter @hduckworth