As each New Year begins I sit down to select a word that will be the foundation for that year.  This year I could not whittle it down to one word.  The words that came up were open, courage, receptivity and energy.  I shared the words with a friend and she said, “Core, Holly that’s the acronym CORE”





Are you or your business suffering from HPTSD? Holiday post traumatic stress disorder? If so, get back to your CORE. Ask yourself and your business associates?


·      What is your commitment?

·      Do you have the courage to go after it?

·      Are you open?

·      Are you receptive to new experiences and ideas?

·      What energy do you bring to your business or life?


At LSI’s core is the vision statement:

We educate, connect and inspire future global leaders

Here are the basics for us in 2015:


I completed my first book Ctrl+Alt+Believe: Reboot Your Association for success.

Buy the book here:  If you want it autographed order via pay pal and my team will ship from Denver. If you don’t care about the autograph the book is available now on Amazon.  Buy books for your entire board and help them get back to basics in their business “reboot” for 2015.

Keeping it simple we are doing 30 stage dates next year.  Almost half are booked.  If you want us to speak, facilitate or build and advance (vs. retreat) meeting for your company get it on the books now.


This year we are offering more online courses and group discussions to foster connection between our clients.

If you love the book – please post a review on Amazon or pass a copy along to a fellow leader.

We will be starting an internet TV show and inviting additional bloggers to join us.  Let us know who you want to hear from.


If this is your year to advance personally or professionally contact us to book your business consulting or private coaching package.  2015 is the first year I’ve made myself available for full scale consulting and private coaching with CEO’s and executives.  You don’t want to miss this opportunity.  I’ll work with your group to create a “reboot” vision or with you personally to create the life spirit driven life you desire.


This year team LSI goes deep with basic business and spiritual principles helping you develop a strategy for sustainable success.

What’s to come:

Look for our virtual book tour in February and March

Sign up for your business strategy and visioning consulting packages

Mark your calendar for our year-end Aloha reboot in 2015.


Get back to basics! Be love and share your light in your business and your life,