Audiences today demand educational experiences that engage both the heart and minds of your audience. They need to walk away with a new answer or making sense of the deluge of information coming at them

Holly's Programs

Mindful Economy: How Mindfulness Increases Your Income & Influence

What do Google, Aetna, SAP, the NFL, and your business have in common? Stress. The American Psychological Association reports stress levels have risen 34% since 2015. Technology has blurred the lines between work life and home life. It is becoming less cool to be stressed out. If Richard Branson, Oprah, Arianna Huffington and more key executive leaders are making time for mindfulness, why aren’t you? Stop the excuses. This session will cover the economics of mindfulness research, key schools for mindfulness, and it impacts personally and professionally. Mindfulness as a  leader means money.  In this session, you will learn out how to go within to get your share.

Key Takeaways:

  • Define what mindfulness is and is not.
  • Expand your knowledge of mindfulness practices & implementation strategies in organizations large and small.
  • Assess and choose one way you will live mindfulness as a leader today.

Session Offered in 60-75 minute sessions

TedTalk Style 15-17 minutes available upon request

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Unchartered Leadership: Three Things You Must Do You Create Certainty in Times of Uncertainty

It is said, “May you live in interesting times.”  They said it would never happen; the Cubs win the World Series, Donald Trump President, and Brexit.  We are the people and we live in those interesting times.

Systems we have always believed in are breaking down.  Newness is emerging.  Do you want to be in resistance or re-evolution? Join this conversational keynote for a curated conversation on the evolution of change in business past, present and future.  Holly will share statistics, research and scientific theory on the evolution of consciousness for business and life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify one area of leadership you need to chart a new course in for your association or company.
  • Examine your beliefs on the project.
  • Employ Holly’s three strategies to move from asleep on this change to awake and active.
  • Design a plan to inspire and educate your team on the one next right action.

Session 60-90 minutes

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Leadership Begins With Visionary Questions:  How Inquiry Increases Your Innovation & Solutions

Life is full of questions, but the answers can lead to many different paths. You are not powered by the answers you obtain, rather, by the questions you ask. There are many different kinds of questions and most asked are conditioned questions. With all the changes in our lives and workplace, the need for a greater inquiry, and the opportunity to imagine the future, why are we not asking visionary questions? When you don’t, much is left on the table and you have minimized your and others influence, leadership, curiosity, and change perspectives. Join us to discuss simple, yet, often, not practiced methods that lead to different types of questions, notably, visionary questions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Defining your question culture. Is it supportive or stagnant?
  • Experience an intuitive question download session.
  • Use Holly's 10 Question Process to elevate the questions you ask and the answers you gain.

Session 60-90 minutes

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Partial client list

  • Business Travel Association
  • Citrix/GotoMeeting
  • IMEX: International Meetings Exchange
  • Meeting Professionals International
  • National Association of Realtors
  • National Speakers Association
  • Professionals in Human Resource Management
  • US Chamber of Commerce
  • WesPay: Western Payments Alliance
  • Western Association of Chamber Executives
  • Western Association of County Officials
  • YPO/WPO: Young Presidents’ Organization/World Presidents’ Organization

Holly has spoken to international audiences large and small and of all abilities including language and physical disabilities.  If Holly’s message resonates she can build a program that exceeds your audience expectations.  Contact Holly today to book your speaking engagement today.