Audiences today demand educational experiences that engage both the heart and minds of your audience. They need to walk away with a new answer or making sense of the deluge of information coming at them.

Why Holly?

Holly brings compelling ideas to your stage with passionate energy.  She is the only person who blends the power of spiritual practice (visioning, meditation, affirmations, mindful practice and presence work) with todays dynamic business climate.  She teaches your audience about the science of belief, spiral dynamics, metaphysics and more in a way that is approachable and fun.

Holly builds custom programs for every audience focused on the specific needs of the meeting planner and their grasp of the audience.  Holly brings a powerful combination of enthusiasm and expertise to the platform like no one else.

How does Holly engage?

Each program has a unique engagement strategy for some it’s small group work coupled with individual journaling and reflection time.  In other sessions Holly invites pairs or dyad or triads to work together.  When Holly takes the stage everyone is invited to participate from the most introvert to the most outgoing in the way that serves their learning requirements.

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Holly's Programs

Unchartered Leadership: Three Things You Must Do You Create Certainty in Times of Uncertainty

It is said, “May you live in interesting times.”  They said it would never happen; the Cubs win the World Series, Donald Trump President, and Brexit.  We are the people and we live in those interesting times.

Systems we have always believed in are breaking down.  Newness is emerging.  Do you want to be in resistance or re-evolution. Join this conversational keynote for a curated conversation on the evolution of change in business past, present and future.  Holly will share statistics, research and scientific theory on the evolution of consciousness for business and life.

In this session you will:

  • Identify one area of leadership you need to chart a new course in for your association or company
  • Examine your beliefs on the project
  • Employ Holly’s three strategies to move from asleep on this change to awake and action
  • Design a plan to inspire and educate your team on the one next right action.

Session 60-90 minutes

Be-YOU-To-A-Full:  5 Choices You Must Make to Live & Lead Full Out

Have you ever had a moment you wanted to say or do something and you held back the real you?  Have you experienced a moment when you disagreed with someone and simply stood by silent because it was easier than being the real you.  We all have.  It is human nature.  From the time we head off to school we hear from people of authority, “Don’t say that.” “You can’t do that” we are acculturated to the rights and wrongs of who we are to be and to become in the world.

While we live in interesting times as humans both seeking approval and trying to rebel from authority our thoughts on being different are shifting.  As the consciousness of our planet continues to shift from a me, me, me world to a we, we, we world we are learning that to be fully happy and present we must become more of yourself.  Candidly we are all exhausted trying to change to fit someone else’s mold.  I love the work of Sally Hogshead, who says” Don’t change who you are to fit the world.  Be more of you.”

The key to successful living as our conscious society evolves is to define success by your definition. Do not let TV, magazines, social media or peers define your success.

In this session you will:

  • Distinguish the difference between being and doing in a professional setting and how being is the most powerful change agent
  • Write 3 affirmations as seeds of what you want to create for your self or your organization
  • Practice accepting what is and believing in what can be
  • Discover how your inner consciousness is the mirror of your outer leadership experiences

**This session has an ongoing 30-day gamification offering for those who wish to dive deeper into exploring full leadership and living.

Session 60-90 minutes

BoardWomb: How to be a Confident & Courageous Woman in the Board Room

Women currently hold 22 (4.4%) of CEO positions at S&P 500 companies. You do not have to look far to know in the US nearly 40% of MBA graduate are women, and 40% of managers. We are catching up in education and workforce participation. So why are we not taking our seats in the corporate board room and the C-suite?  In 2007 the Dalai Lama said at the World Peace Conference “Western women will change the world.”  Now is the time to own our power and take mindful action.

No matter if you aspire to the C-Suite in your company, head the PTA or other community organization.  In this session we will explore both the data and the decision to step into the C-suite.  You will walk away

  • Recognizing the truth about how blended board rooms result in higher profits
  • Learn the one thing Fortune magazine says every woman must have to get her seat at the table
  • Discover and discuss what you believe about being in the C-Suite and how that helps or hinders your success
  • Formulate and visualize your path to navigating the C-Suite

Session 60-90 minutes

Partial client list

  • Business Travel Association
  • Citrix/GotoMeeting
  • IMEX: International Meetings Exchange
  • Meeting Professionals International
  • National Association of Realtors
  • National Speakers Association
  • Professionals in Human Resource Management
  • US Chamber of Commerce
  • WesPay: Western Payments Alliance
  • Western Association of Chamber Executives
  • Western Association of County Officials
  • YPO/WPO: Young Presidents’ Organization/World Presidents’ Organization

Holly has spoken to international audiences large and small and of all abilities including language and physical disabilities.  If Holly’s message resonates she can build a program that exceeds your audience expectations.  Contact Holly today to book your speaking engagement today.