19 Jul

Presence: How To Live & Lead Consciously

It’s easy to be deeply conscious and aware if you’re sitting on a mountaintop meditating – what takes practice is living from that sense of peace and centeredness in the chaos of everyday life.

If you’re finding it challenging to stay connected with your deeper knowing, and to live from that presence in work and in life, watch our new show. Each episode teaches you how to live from purpose and passion. Watch our inaugural show via YouTube or listen via Soundcloud to the replay below – with a couple of surprises!





A nationally recognized author, speaker and coach for conscious leadership and motivation. Holly is a regular columnist for MeetingsNet/IdeaExchange, Association Trends and writes regularly on the future of leadership for Science of Mind magazine. Join Holly in the conversation. Listen/watch her weekly show “Presence: How to Live & Lead Consciously.” Available on iTunes. She lives in Denver, Colorado. Learn more at www.hollyduckworth.com, visit her on LinkedIn & follow her on twitter at @hduckworth.

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