Holly’s Coaching Supports You To Connect Your Passion & Your Strategy

Every great athlete has a coach.  In todays business climate every leader must also have a coach.

Why coaching with Holly works?  Coaching holds you accountable to being your best self. In Holly’s coaching process you work through processes to learn your purpose. You engage in conversations that help you realize the steps to make your passion and purpose come alive.  Holly helps you release blocks to your highest and best self.

How would your life and your business be more successful if you had someone there day in and day out cheering you every step of the way?  Holly is that person.


Holly has been and continues to be, an amazingly intuitive and gentle coach, guiding with a clear focus on self-care, inviting me to visualize the future I want and setting intentions to make it happen, and exploring new leadership and mindfulness approaches with me.

Mary P


Two Ways to BE Coached

I believe every person is called to bring love to the planet. Learning who you are and creating the vision for your life is a powerful transformative process. After just a few coaching sessions, your personal and professional life could be fundamentally different than it is now.  Transformation can take years or it can take a moment.  You choose.

Group Coaching – $197 per month

The Group Coaching package offers two monthly calls where you and other mindful leaders meet with me to get clear on why you are here, what you need to believe to become your highest and best and take action to get there.  You will reach for the blue sky in your life by investing in these sessions.

One-on-One Coaching with Holly – $497 per month

With two one-on-one calls per month, I’ll support you on this journey to engage your highest self.  You will develop your personal work as a leader and create a visualization of what your future looks like, feels like and sounds like. I ask you to come to these sessions prepared to release old patterns and ignite the spark of love in you.

Through a journey of personal transformation, Holly supported me and invited me to spend more time on self-care, and visualizing a path through the disruption.

Linda J


I know you will receive gifts of knowledge, wisdom and insights that will expand your capacity to receive and give your gifts to the world.

Invest in yourself – Book your first group or one-on-one coaching session with Holly now!