Trend in Mindful Business – New class entitled Faith, Spirituality and the Workplace

By Holly Duckworth, LSP, CAE, CMP. - August 29, 2017
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As our workplaces continue to transform universities around the globe are rising to combine topics that will transform leadership. Check out this course on the intersection of Faith, Spirituality & the workplace. “One of the primary aims of establishing the Tyson Center was to create an environment where students could freely and honestly discuss issues related […]

Where are you stuck? A Visit to the Saltan Sea

By Holly Duckworth, LSP, CAE, CMP. - August 14, 2017
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As you look at this photo, what do you see?  Do you see the darkness of the mountains or the light of the sunset?  This is an iPhone photo sent by a friend in the moment of reflection.  What the person sending the photo didn’t know was in that same moment I was visioning a […]

“Are You Choosing Anticipatory Fear?”

By Holly Duckworth, LSP, CAE, CMP. - July 31, 2017
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“Are You Choosing Anticipatory Fear?” One of the main causes for stress today is the over abundance of choices we face in any given moment.  Have you tried to buy toothpaste lately? Even in that simple product choice you have more than 20 options.  As leaders each day we make thousands of choices.  You may […]

Are you dying to be the real you?

By Holly Duckworth, LSP, CAE, CMP. - July 30, 2017
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My heart paused twice this week when I learned two different friends passed away. Jim Cacabelos was a powerful meeting professional and Chris Korsgaard the founder of the Portland Gay men’s chorus.  While I knew both of these men I did not know them well. I knew the good work they were choosing to lead in the […]

Is becoming a mindful leader for you? Try this!

By Holly Duckworth, LSP, CAE, CMP. - March 22, 2017
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“I wish I could be more present.” Sarah responded. “The demands of my job are too great these days. I don’t even have time to breathe.” she went on to say. Do you have the same wish as Sarah? Leading today is not for the faint of heart. It takes the perfect blend of knowing, […]