Fact Check: Do You Know Whom Memorial Day Honors?

By Holly Duckworth, LSP, CAE, CMP. - May 27, 2016
Categories: Leadership

In today’s fast paced life we often take for granted we know the meaning of words. In my practitioner studies I became keenly aware that definitions of words shift and change. Words I thought I knew what they meant I did not, new words emerged. In the 24/7 acronym, emoji world we live in, often […]

My Quiet Little Secret Revealed

By Holly Duckworth, LSP, CAE, CMP. - May 10, 2016
Categories: Heart Letters From HD

You want to know a little secret about me. I love binge listening. What the heck, you say? Binge listening is a word I’ve adapted to mean I love listening to people.  Then working with them to learn to listen to their own inner wisdom. Like binge TV/Netflix watching only with your ears and a […]